Circles Conference Animated Type

I created this typographic animation to promote Circles Conference, a great design conference put on by Ismael Burciaga & Co. in Texas. Using the conference's tagline—Inspire, Create, Repeat—I drew inspiration from what inspires me, and what I might use to then create. Nature—a constant source of inspiration—informs the first composition; the second, for 'Create', evokes artistry with a colorful array of pastels, while the third—'Repeat'—is a combination of the two, blending the modes of inspiration and creation as we learn to more easily facilitate the process. The motion of the typography reflects both the name of the conference ('Circles') and the cyclical pattern of drawing inspiration, using it to create, and then the entire process revisited, again and again.

I hand-crafted the type, then photographed and and animated it to create the entire video from scratch. The typographic animation is designed to loop seamlessly, applying perfectly for social media uses such as Instagram or Vine, as well as for interstitial uses in the conference such as looping on screens in the breaks between speaking slots.