Tools Of The Trade (Or, How To Think Like A Freelancer)

"Every now and then I am asked for my thoughts on how to get started as a designer or illustrator. When I’m asked these sort of questions, I’m never quite sure how to answer. Beginning a career, discovering a path, building a freelance practice can get ugly—it’s by no means a simple progression."

Tools of the Trade is a personal series built around what I've learned as a freelance illustrator. Each of the 4 tool typography compositions accompanied a blog post about the joys and struggles of developing a creative career, and freelancing in particular.

The tool typography, loosely based on the DIN typefaces, was entirely crafted by hand and photographed. The 4 blog posts are linked below:

Tools of the Trade (Introduction)

Show Up Every Day

Shit Happens

Work Hard And Smart

The blog posts also contain in-progress shots and insight into the process behind the pieces.

// Art Direction: Joseph Alessio

// Photography: Joseph Alessio